There are many bright minds who have dedicated their careers to better understand the relationship of the body and the mind,we'll be sharing some interesting topics, podcasts and resources on our platform. 

App Features

Personal Wellbeing Check-in Tool

  • Designed by Dr. Michelle McQuaid

  • Self-analysis to check-in with self

  • PERMAH Framework


Wellbeing Hub

  • Healthy Habits by Kate Save

  • Memory Training - Tansel Ali

  • Difficult Conversations - Sabina Read

  • Wellbeing Podcast - Dr. Michelle McQuaid


Nutritionist Consultation

  •  15 Minute chat with a qualified dietitian

Stay Fit Wellbeing Experts

Sabina Read

Kate Save

Shari Denny

Dr. Michelle McQuaid

Psychologist | Media Commentator | Speaker | Facilitator

CEO Be Fit Foods | Nutritionist | Exercise Physiologist | Telstra Business Woman of The Year

Nutritionist | Workplace Well-being Expert |

CEO - Stay Fit Global

Global Wellbeing Expert | Founder The Wellbeing Lab | Key Note Speaker

Resource Centre

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