Join us in overcoming the biggest health & fitness challenge Australia has ever seen

Stay Fit Australia developed a wellbeing movement platform that encourages people to check-in on their wellbeing whilst exploring new stretching routines, guided exercises and well-being material from global workplace wellbeing experts like Dr. Michelle McQuaid.


Whilst quite a few of us have the convenience of working from home and staying isolated, many have been out there in the trenches facing this pandemic every day. Consciously or sub-consciously these staff groups are out there absorbing the pressures associated with a once in a 100-year pandemic, without the right tools people can easily transition into a state of elevated stress which can lead to long term chronic issues.

Through a community partnership program Stay Fit Australia has committed to making our platform available to those who are/have been facing this pandemic every day.

These groups include:

  • Frontline Workers & Emergency Staff

  • Supermarket Floor Staff

  • Food and Retail Staff

  • Health Workers

  • Warehousing Staff

  • Console Operators

  • Flight Attendants & Pilots

  • Airport Staff

    + Many More

If your business falls in the above category and would like to make the Stay Fit Australia platform available to your staff members, then shoot us an email or get in touch below

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Platform Overview


Our platform helps you explore the relationship between your body & your mind 

Active Zone 

Physiotherapist Core Strengthening


  • Light 

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

Stretching Resources 

  • Desk Stretching Routine

  • Spina Mobility Stretches

  • Hip & Leg Stretches


  • Plan & Schedule Training

  • Invite friends & be accountable

Wellbeing Hub 

Personal Wellbeing Check-in Tool

  • Designed by Dr. Michelle McQuaid

  • Self-analysis to check-in with self

  • PERMAH Framework


Wellbeing Hub

  • Healthy Habits by Kate Save

  • Memory Training - Tansel Ali

  • Difficult Conversations - Sabina Read

  • Wellbeing Podcast - Dr. Michelle McQuaid


Nutritionist Consultation

  •  15 Minute chat with a qualified dietitian

+ More Exclusive Stay Fit Community Offers


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